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Accessory Dwelling Units are not simply backyard rentals. They can be multi-bedroom tiny homes, open-concept studio spaces, or anything else you can dream up. With our help and an experienced architect-designer, you can re-imagine your backyard!


The Boomerang Child

After your recent grad has flown the coop, transform this ADU into a guest room or rental unit.


The Minimalist Jetsetter

Simplify your life into a custom tiny home. Then rent your main house and see the world!

The Creative Space

Escape to your own backyard by building the art studio you’ve always wanted.


“Dan has high expectations, a very skilled team of workers, and a great eye for detail. Furthermore, he completely stands behind his work… He has a rare degree of integrity, and is a lovely human being to boot: thoughtful, funny, and with a deep commitment to his community. He has our highest recommendation.”

~ 2014 Condo Remodel

McDunn ADUs embraces imagination and creativity in ADU design and can recommend architects with the same passion. We operate under these very basic core principles:

1. Clear client communication

2. Living wages

3. Professional subcontractors

4. Continuous learning

5. Active in the community

6. Excellent craftsmanship


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